Hip Hop Comes to Mamou

Mamou, Louisiana is already richly steeped in music culture. It’s known as the “Cajun Music Capitol of the World,” and has a long history of musical excellence. Attractions like the world’s famous Fred’s Lounge stand as a testament to the town’s commitment to their musical history.

But this coming weekend the Hotel Cazan, located in the center of Mamou’s Entertainment Zone, hopes to expand Mamou’s reputation for music culture and excellence. They’re hosting the 1st Louisiana Hip Hop Competition in partnership with Next2Rise and Axposure Unlimited/Unity Underground Tours on September 28 and 29.

“We want to bring people together through music, from all walks of life,” says Kfox, Unity Underground Tour promoter, DJ, and radio personality.

The event is an American Idol-style competition in which musical artists from all over the country can compete to win an all expenses paid trip to New York where they will be given the opportunity to open for LA. Latin Pop Star “SAGE”. So far the competition has attracted a lot of attention, with musical artists and industry experts flying in from all over the country.

Baton Rouge native ‘Legend Made‘ is host of the Hella High show on YouTube and creator of ThaAntidote, a lifestyle website focused on urban music and culture. He’s looking forward to the opportunity perform in the Next2Rise competition, as well as meet other artists and industry experts. “Being that I have kids, it’s hard for me to travel and be able to get to different shows,” so the prize is particularly attractive.

Also performing is ‘Madame C,’ an Aakoysa, Ghana native songstress whose Afro/Caribbean style has been sweeping the Los Angeles music scene. “My main interest is the [area’s] culture in itself,” Madame C says. Expressing her talents and being able to connect with people and artists across the U.S. is also important, but, “the fact that it’s in Louisiana, that has so much culture and history with the food, rhythm and blues, jazz… I definitely wanted to be a part of that.” Madame C is no stranger to Next2Rise events, having performed at several of their competitions across the U.S. She’s also a regular performer at the annual New Orleans Jazz Fest.

Artist Big Breaux is a well-rounded performer originally from Baton Rouge, but currently making waves in the Houston, TX music scene. His recent hit single “Get On” is now available on YouTube. For him, the opportunity is a chance to come back home, reconnect with local fans, and help spread the word about Louisiana’s growing music scene. “I’m calling on all of my fans to come and check out the Hotel Cazan and what they’re doing this weekend,” he said.

Though the name focuses on Hip Hop, the competition is open to all genres. The competition will take place both nights beginning at 8pm at Judy’s Nightcap, located at 410 6th St. in Mamou, LA. Tickets will be $20 at the door, and there is no additional fee for performers.

Photo Courtesy of Revina Amos

In addition to the competition, this weekend the Hotel Cazan will showcase “Extended Hand,” an art exhibit by Lafayette, LA artist Revina Amos. The exhibit focuses on the story of African slavery in the United States, often portraying an inside-out version with Caucasians playing the role of slaves. The art is paired with quotes from historical letters and documents written by slaves in order to evoke a visceral reaction and provoke a sense of empathy from viewers.

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