Cajun Cookin’ Secrets: Paul’s Meat Market and Jack Miller’s

Photo courtesy of JeffreyW

Every good cook knows that a great meal begins with two things: the right protein and the right sauce and seasonings. In Evangeline Parish, there are two places that are a must-visit for any home cook or chef who wants to grab a taste of both: Cajun style.

Paul’s Meat Market

It doesn’t get much fresher than the protein available at Paul’s Meat Market in Ville Platte, LA. At this meat market, grocery, and fuel stop on the highway, you can find everything you need for an excellent meal.

Paul’s is proud of the fact that they carry everything from “snout/beak to tail”. They contract with local farmers whenever possible, and from nearby regional farms when they can’t get it locally. They make their own boudin and pork sausage, and much of their smoked meat is cured and smoked on site.

During my visit, I was given a taste of their two styles of boudin. One has a softer texture, while the other has a more chunky feel. Our group seemed to prefer the softer version – though both were very good. The softer is a bit more spicy, but both have a clean, full pork flavor with just the right amount of rice.

Jack Miller’s Cajun Food Products

Once you’ve picked up your protein from Paul’s Meat Market, you’ll want to seek out some of Jack Miller’s Cajun Food Products – I can’t recommend their sauce enough. During our visit to Evangeline Parish, we were lucky enough to see where the magic of Jack Miller’s happens.

Jack Miller Cajun Food Products owner Kermit Miller gives an informative tour of their facility. Photo by Jenn Bentley

Kermit Miller and his wife Sheila were excellent hosts throughout our tour, showing us the process of how Jack Miller Barbecue Sauce is made and bottled. They answered any questions that we might have had. Two members of our group were the owners of the Morgan City D.a.T. Sauce brand, and they were quite interested in the differences between their processes.

Kermit Miller grins as he shows off one of the large pots where Jack Miller Barbecue Sauce was once made by hand. Photo by Jenn Bentley
Jack Miller Cajun Food Products owner Kermit Miller shows the bottling and labeling process. Photo by Jenn Bentley
Sheila Miller shows off packaged cases of Jack Miller Barbecue Sauce ready to be shipped to grocery stores across the region. Photo by Jenn Bentley

When our tour was over, Kermit was kind enough to give us a taste of some of their product – Jack Miller Barbecue Sauce over some smoked pork sausage from Paul’s Meat Market. While many people think of Cajun food is spicy, the truth is that it’s simply well-seasoned. Jack Miller’s sauce isn’t spicy at all – it’s flavorful, with onion, and a variety of spices that complement just about any protein.

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